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Helping you understand your consumer and competitive landscape through location data & insight

Trade Area Analysis

Locate your business and calculate the demand for your products and services in various locations. Features • Feasibility Studies • Site Selection • Market Resear...

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Feasibility Studies

Identify the most viable site based on market potential for your business. Features • Connectivity & Accessibility • Competitors • Traffic generators • Cost ...

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Property Market Research

Providing you with value added location data to make more data driven decisions across the various property market segments Features • Neighbourhood Profiles • Opp...

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Business Mapping and Analysis

Analyse the spatial context of your business ecosystem to identify opportunities and challenges. Features • Market Dynamics • Distribution & Concentration • A...

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Logistics & Supply Chain

Optimise your supply chain and logistics network through location data. Features • Connectivity & Accessibility • Network Analysis • Travel Time & Distance...

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Customised Business Solutions

Tailor made location insights to address specific business challenges facing organisations Features We combine our proprietary spatial location data with your key b...

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Location Intelligence in Retail Analysis

Having a prime location is an essential and long-lasting advantage for any retailer, as it cannot be duplicated due to its fixed nature. Location intelligence greatly helps retailers determine the ...

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The Cores Of Location Intelligence

To deliver value through location intelligence, some fundamental processes are critical: Location Discovery, Location Visualisation, Location Analytics, and Location Optimisation. Location intell...

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Chicken Wars: Emerging Trends In The Fast Food Industry in Harare

The quest for dominance in the fast food market has gone a gear up in recent past as the number of fast food companies has been increasing in the recent past with major chain fast food outlets do...

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